How Stress Impacts Oral Health?

Your oral health is a very crucial part of your overall health. Your mouth is an important part of your body as it controls your digestive system. It is in the mouth that all the digestion activities begin. It is therefore, very important to ensure that your oral health is in perfect condition at all time. However, this can be hard to achieve, with the difficulties of life that leads to stressful periods. Stress is a term that has been understood for its negative impacts on the health of an individual. However, its effects on the oral health has been least explored, and yet it is the oral health that controls large part of your overall health. This article is geared o enlightening you on the impacts of stress on oral health. To understand more about the dentist san diego just view the link.

Clenching teeth

When you are stressed up, you might clench your jaw or grinding your teeth thus leading to damage of your teeth. In most cases, this happens during sleep. Despite the fact that it occurs when you are unconscious, it can also happen during your waking hours. When it persists, it might lead to attrition of your tooth or even fracturing the tooth. This condition can give rise to temporomandibular joint disorder. To counteract this, a night guard might be prescribed to watch over you when sleeping, and prevent you whenever you grind your teeth.

Oral Lichen Planus

A condition affects the mucous membranes in the mouth. It presents itself as white lacy patches or open sores, which might lead to painful burning sensation or any other discomfort. Despite the fact that some experts believe it is a result of a viral disease, it arises from stress. When stress hits you, it lowers your immune system exposing to vagaries of health making it easy for diseases to strike you hard. Acquire more knowledge of this information about dentist la jolla.


This is a condition in the mouth characterized by lack of adequate saliva in the moth leading to chronic dryness in the mouth. This is condition results from stress and even from a drug that is used to treat depression. When there is deficiency of saliva in the mouth, some of the important function it plays get interrupted. For instance, saliva is important for cleaning the mouth as it helps get rid of remaining food particles after eating. It is also responsible for keeping the mouth moist and kills some of the bacteria hiding in the teeth.