Impacts of Stress on Oral Health

Few people know if stress can impact on their oral health. Many dental problems that we have today may be associated with high-stress levels that we experience in the course of our lives. For this reason, dentists in San Diego do not only take to treat patients with oral disorders, but they also provide pieces of advice on how to reduce stress levels which could impact on your oral health. This article explains some of the ways on how stress affects your oral health. You can observe the information about dentist del mar by following the link.

There are times when you could have dry mouth, and this condition is called xerostomia. It is a common condition when you are on drugs which could affect salivary glands production of saliva thus making the mouth dry. Xerostomia can also be caused by high-stress levels, and if it continues for a long time, it can cause cavities and bad breath. Frustrations can cause stress, and whenever one is frustrated, he or she tends to grind the teeth unconsciously. This condition of grinding teeth is called bruxism. Interestingly, it happens even during the night when you are asleep. Bruxism can lead to cracking of the teeth.

Whenever you have stress, you tend to be reluctant in doing some simple tasks. One of them is neglecting your oral health. You can fail to go for dental checkups or even avoid brushing your teeth and flossing. Stress can change your attitude towards dental care, and it is likely to get worse if nothing is done to reduce the stress levels. Stress may also lead to poor diet and wrong choice of food. During such times, you are likely to crave for sweet and sugary foods which have adverse impacts on your oral health. You can lose appetite and fail to eat, and this can deprive your body of essential nutrients to keep it healthy. Pick out the most interesting info about dentist la jolla.

Many people think that the best way of reducing stress is to indulge in alcoholism and smoking. This notion is misguided, and in fact, it puts you at a risk of having serious dental problems and affecting your overall health condition.

It is advisable to manage stress so that your attitude and lifestyle do not change for the worse. Unfortunately, when the changes occur, you do not notice that you are at a risk of developing dental problems. Therefore, you need to seek assistance from friends and relatives in managing stress so that you are not exposed to risks of getting dental problems